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It begged to be done, but this is possibly my last update for an indefinitely long time.

Games joined (and mod): VI (Firefoot), VII (Fea), XII (the phantom), XIV (Alcarillo), XV (Anguirel), XVI (Formendacil), XVIII (Shelob and Abercrombie), XIX (Nilp), XXI (Elempi), XXII (Kath), XXIII (Cailín and Nogrod), XXV (Di and tgwbs) = 12

Ordo: 6
Werewolf: 2
Werebear: 1
Lover: 2 (one as wolf, one as bear)
Seer: 1
Ranger: 1
Hunter: 1

Lynched: 6/12
Autolynched: 1/12
Committed Suicide: 1/12
Killed at Night: 1/12
Survived: 3/12

Wins: 5
Losses: 6
Draw: 1

VI ~ Lhunatic ~ Hunter ~ almost killed Seer Oromin, suspected MythoSeer Firefoot, wasn't killed by wolf Holby, lived to the end ~ win
VII ~ Lhunatic ~ ordo ~ (curse you Eomer!) lynched ~ loss
XII ~ healer ~ ordo ~ autolynched for not posting ~ win
XIV ~ polite little shepherd girl ~ Ranger ~ lynched the day of all days that I couldn't post ~ loss
XV ~ girl-who-cried wolf ~ ordo ~ chatted with the human intruder before the game ended and lived to the end ~ win
XVI ~ Potion Pizza Maker ~ Seer ~ lynched Menel the Apprentice Ranger and died the next Night ~ draw
XVIII ~ Princess ~ royal invader girl ~ too haughty, lynched ~ loss
XIX ~ Dark Elf ~ Werewolf/Lover (fellow wolves Kath, Form, Samwise; Lover Farael) ~ dreamt of by Seeriffs first Night and caught by few ordos, lived a short doomed life, caused confusion, then lynched ~ loss
XXI ~ Eonwe's wife, Di and Nogrod's eldest daughter ~ ordo ~ committed suicide - too much schoolwork ~ loss
XXII ~ traveller with absolutely no sense of direction ~ Werewolf (fellow wolves tom bombariffic and Nogrod) ~ too sane and unsuspicious to be true, caught by Seer Lommy (alas!), lynched ~ loss
XXIII ~ seasick reluctant traveller ~ ordo ~ lynched for accusing Firefoot of being the Werewolf-Lover, haha ~ win
XXV ~ beautiful girl with sleeping sickness ~ Werebear/Lover (with Macalaure) ~ ignored by almost everyone until end ~ win

1. When I die, my side loses more often than not.
2. When I live to the end, my side ALWAYS wins.
3. Never lynch Lhuna when she's being careless, because that means she's innocent.
4. Something's always up when Lhuna's being so sane.
5. I'm not meant to be a normal Seer.
6. Lovers CAN win.

A Lovers' victory was more possible in Di's game than in Nilp's and Cailín's type of game, but who knew the Lovers could actually win! This is an excellent time to retire.

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