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Originally Posted by Aganzir View Post
Werewolf taught me a lot about how to write academic papers.
You know, I think it wasn't so much Werewolf for me as all the other threads, where things are based less on interactions and Freud and reverse psychology, but rather on the arguments itself. Just posting a mini essay (or even a paragraph) in the Books / N&N forum (occasionally others... I recall a deep philosophical discussion going on during a game of Taters to Taters in Mirth) makes good practice for writing well from the first try. When I first joined, I used to just not be able to write well. I wonder why that changed. Suuuure, I had some good instruction. Riiiiiight. I'm serious - I learned how to write with good structure and good arguments from posting here. The Downs is mostly responsible in the raise of my English mark by about 10% in grade 9. (Should we put that as an advertisement? English school as well as wolfy dating site? )

Also, to add a different point, the other day,after a series of work-by-day-don't-sleep-by-nights, I was opening something on the computer and misread loading as Inziladun. Don't ask. Just... just feel honoured or something to hold such a deeply engraved spot in the depths of my mind.
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