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Bellyn hushed herself as Ędegard spoke with the strangers. She felt only slightly better with Liornung close by her side, and Argeleafa behind her. Something about the woods and the strange archer men scared the life and cheer out of her. Or perhaps it was not fear, but some sort of awe that captivated her and kept her in constant rapture. The colors of the leaves were not like any she had ever seen, and held a hue and life that Bella had never used or tried to paint. The rays of sun falling through the treetops and revealing particles of dust had never been sketched by Bella's hand. This is why I am here! Bellyn thought anxiously, the lack of confidence still showing on her face.

Looking to the archers, the ones that had 'frightened' her so, Bella found a new and even more glorious energy. She longed to capture their expressions and how they seemed youthful but wise and old in some other way. All the new surroundings and exotic sights reminded Bellyn why she loved drawing and painting so much. Bellyn felt a desire to capture the moments in time and always wanted to be able to remember the feelings of the picture.

"Liornung, this is such a strange place," Bella whispered, her voice quavering with a mix of excitement and apprehension. "I had not noticed it at first, but now that the arrows are down and my eyes are open to not just the threat of death, I can see how different everything looks! Is it not strange how much more comforted I feel thinking about colors and images, though I keep in my heart his warning that we are being watched?"

"It is no more strange than when I feel comforted at a familiar tune," Liornung replied softly, patting Bella's shoulder again. Bella smiled and became more aware of the songs of birds after Liornung's comment. "But I am still open to hearing new songs. This strangeness, I think, comes from when we realize that the things that comfort us so almost make us forget about the other beauties of the world."

"Yes. I suppose. I do not think I will let my comfort in old colors and sights keep me from seeing the new ones any more." Bellyn said decisively. "But all these new colors cannot keep me from wondering how Amroth and Mellon fare..."

"We shall know soon enough how Amron and Melloth fare, Bella," Argeleafa piped up from behind Bellyn and Liornung, with a grin wide on her face. Bellyn blushed at the reminder of her fumbling speech.

"Soon!" Bellyn agreed.
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