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Anorien: Mellonin. Dec 18.

Raefindan and Mellonin exchanged glances, and reached for their packs. Mellonin spoke to Gwyllion. "Come, Gwyllion, walk with me."

"With pleasure, Lord Fingon, " Gwyllion said.

"Oh..." Mellonin blushed. "May I be just Fingon? Leave the Lord, shall we? And it might be wiser for you to dress as a man, too. The servant of the merchant had his eye on you; I liked it not one whit."

"Shall I change now?" Gwyllion said, wide-eyed.

Ravion, Raefindan and Aeron were busy preparing for the afternoon's march. Mellonin nodded. "Yes. You know how to put a man's clothes on under your dress, do you not? Do that now."

It was not long before Gwyllion was dressed in the breeches and shirt her brother had brought for her. While Gwyllion changed, Mellonin studied the movements of the men as they packed. Each man had his own stride and way of moving.

She was determined to be accepted as a man by the next person they met.

They walked til the sun went down and the moon was high.
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