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The Flet: Erebemlin

Erebemlin remained on the floor of the talan as his guests arrived, but he pulled his shoulders up and held himself to full stature. Listening intently to the young Ædegard, the Sinda studied the row of young faces. They were in awe of their surroundings, which comforted Erebemlin because it left them vulnerable and he was more able to perceive their sincere concerns for Amroth.

"How is he, sir?" The young Ædegard inquired.

“I am afraid he is weary to the point of illness.” Erebemlin looked down and searched Amroth’s face. “He will need more rest before he is able to continue on his quest. Has he mentioned his dreams to any of you?” The Sinda glanced from face to face then spoke again before any could answer. “I apologize. You are weary also. Please, come and sit at my table.”

Erebemlin rose and motioned his arms to guide them to the low table that had held their earlier meal. “Taitheneb, please bring the travelers some fresh fruit and meat.” Taitheneb nodded and immediately disappeared down the tree. Erebemlin then gave orders for Celegtâl and Caranduin to gather blankets for the guests.

“I have many questions to ask of you, but I will wait until you have eaten and rested properly.”

“Thank you, sir.” Ædegard looked as though he might say more, but stopped himself from continuing.

Shortly thereafter Taitheneb returned and began spreading the food across the table.

“Nethwador,” Erebemlin called to the boy who still sat near Amroth and spoke to him in both word and thought. “Please come to the table and share in our meal.” The boy nodded and pushed himself up from the floor, then after gazing momentarily at Amroth, he joined the company at Erebemlin’s table.
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