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Bellyn listened to the conversation half-heartedly, standing next to Liornung with her hand in his for comfort. When she noticed that Argeleafa sat alone next to them Bellyn tuggedon Liornung's hand gently and the two of them sat down next to Argeleafa. Argeleafa took a piece of fruit with tentative eyes and hesitating hands, but took it anyway. Bellyn craved no fruit, so she eyed the elves and Mellon, now called Neth-something, carefully. Although Bellyn knew that as soon as Amroth woke he would want to leave, the prospect of Mellon going back to his wild ways made Bellyn want to stay despite Amroth's urgency.

"It must mean something more," Bellyn thought aloud, despite the mishap with the names earlier. She spoke to Ędegard at first, but turned to face the Elves as she continued. "Once he took the first watch when we halted for a night, and I asked if he liked it better that way. He said he did not like the dreams he had at night," Bellyn spoke softly, trying to remember Amroth's words so that all she spoke now was true. "He spoke as if he knew the nightmares would not stop..." Bellyn paused, and in this pause she noticed that all eyes were on her as she spoke. She quickly continued. "I asked Amroth then if his song told of his dreams. He said it was strange that an elf did not remember which came first...It was all rather strange."

When Ędegard thought Bellyn was done, he recalled the attention of the elves and continued. "Has he told you things about his dreams that he did not tell us?"
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