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The Flet: Erebemlin

Erebemlin sat quietly, watching his king eat, while the others talked and Taitheneb sang. Internally, he struggled. He had sworn his allegiance to Amroth and promised to assist in his journey, but he wondered what Amroth would think of his conclusions about the nature of Amroth’s dreams. His concern for the king’s health was also heavy in his mind. Amroth needed more rest…days, not hours, but he knew very well of Amroth’s hardened will and stubbornness. “Lord Amroth,” Erebemlin shifted his weight and leaned toward Amroth. “I am still concerned with your well-being. You need more rest, my lord.”

“Nonsense, Erebemlin. I feel much better, and you know I will not forfeit my search.”

“Nay, I do not ask you to end your quest, but prolong it…a day, two days, long enough to regain your strength.” Erebemlin studied Amroth’s face. His king truly felt there was nothing wrong with him. “You will have to care for this body more tenderly than your last, my lord.”

Amroth looked at Erebemlin with a quizzical expression and dismissed the statement. “We will ride at nightfall.”

Erebemlin glanced at Taitheneb looking for assistance. Taitheneb stood and sat down next to Amroth at the end of the low table. “My lord, would you not rather wait for morning and leave with the rising of the sun?”
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