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Bellyn hesitated to intervene in the argument, for she knew of Amroth's desire to find his love and yet she understood the fear in the elves of Amroth becoming ill again.

"Perhaps they are right, sir Amroth," Bellyn said softly, looking up at Amroth. "It might be best to rest here, where it is safe, while we - while you can. Safety is not ensured in the wild, and if you were to take ill in the wilderness and the open..." Bellyn did not continue, for she hoped that everyone could guess what could become of Amroth and the rest of them if something unexpected happened outside of the protected woods.

"If something happened in the wild, we would be no worse off than if we were caught or attacked at any other time," Amroth urged, and Bellyn looked down at her hands, folded in her lap. She did not want to push Amroth or make him angry, she only wanted to make certain that he was in the best condition for finding his love.

"Whenever you leave, my Lord, you can be sure that we will go as well. We only wish for your safety and well-being," Bellyn assured Amroth gently.
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