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White Tree Ędegard

Ędegard's brow furrowed. This Erebemlin held Mellon, or Amroth; either one for that matter, in too high regard. This Amroth was proving to be a fool, caring not for his own health to chase a dream. Nimrodel, they had named her, Amroth's long lost love. Who could say for sure whether she was even alive to be found? And Amroth was proving to be far too stubborn. Ędegard was ready to open his mouth and say a thing or two to bring Amroth up short in all his stubborn foolish king's pride, when Bellyn spoke in her soft way. Her words were quiet, and Amroth's final answer spoke not to her words, but to what he made of them instead. He cared not for his own body's health, but would forego his own will for the sake of others' weakness. So there was another side to being a good king, and at least he had wisdome enough for that, it seemed. It was a thing to be remembered; maybe it could be put to good use later, some other time when Amroth was as a rock with no ears to listen to sense.

Ędegard noticed Liornung move to Argeleafa's side. He could not hear the words that passed between them, but saw, for a moment, her face, stained with many tears! His heart melted, and he wondered what could be wrong. But he did not think that it would be seemly to ask from the opposite end of the talan. He held his peace, glad that they would sleep the night. He did not relish sleeping hundreds of feet above ground, but the Elves assured them that they would be safe. So be it, he said to himself.
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