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Being excited about writing a paper.

Sending a long letter to your grandma, who will then go and show it to all of her "geezer friends". (Her words, not mine )

Snow falling outside my window, nearly blending into the metal sky beyond.

Only having two more classes of Chinese left!

The quiet anticipation after getting the glorious, creased, blue package slip in your PO that proudly proclaims, "SECOND NAME ON BOX", meaning someone somewhere loves you.

Picking out the perfect gift for a whole 3 people on your list!

Smelling the real Christmas tree my friends decided to put up in their dorm room.

The relative calm restored after the insanity of Christmas Fest (too many old people in Norwegian sweaters).

Excitement over next semester's classes.

Watching my roommate get excited about getting up early on Saturday morning to eat breakfast with Santa in the cafeteria.

The Christmas postcards my roommate's mom's Sunday School class sent to her (especially the ones who don't know how to write!).

Knowing you still have an hour before facing the frigidness of the front desk.

Taking a much-needed nap on the window-seat.

Stupid puns in the middle of long classes.

The candlelight services on Christmas eve when we sing Silent Night a capella with all the sanctuary lights dimmed and our candles glowing. Even our top school choir can't beat that heavenly sound.

Feeling connected to an entire gymnasium full of people during the Christmas Fest choral concert, and getting to sing, even though you aren't in choir for a reason!

Tomato soup and Swiss cheese.

Long discussions about moving to France or South America with friends and raising sheep or llamas, even if only in jest.

Being told by one of your professors that Socrates would like you.
"If we're still alive in the morning, we'll know that we're not dead."~South Park
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