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Doing research at the Wade Center!

Hey, everybody! Sorry about my long absence. I wanted to share my recent activities at the Marion E. Wade Center. I'm currently writing my dissertation on Donald Swann's song cycle, The Road Goes Ever On, and I'm up here in Wheaton, Illinois reading Tolkien's correspondence with Donald Swann. I'm really enjoying my time here, and it's so fascinating getting to see Tolkien's own handwriting.

I've actually been able to help correct some errors in the Wade Center's transcripts of these letters, including deciphering some of Tolkien's less legible marginalia and some incorrect Tengwar!

I haven't found exactly what I'm looking for (specifically, materials relating to Tolkien's instructions that he gave to Swann concerning Elvish pronunciation and issues with the Namárië chant), but that's alright; there are lots of great materials up here, especially recordings. It's really been a treat.
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