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SM-EX-11.2 & SM-EX-11.25: Okay, we change this as you suggested to:
... The clarity of the Sun's radiance has not been so great since, and something of {magic}[entchantment] has gone from it. Hence it is, and long has been, that the {fairies}[Elves] dance and sing more sweetly and can the better be seen by the light of the Moon - because of the SM-EX-11.23{death}[departure] of {Urwendi}[Árië]. The 'Rekindling of the {Magic}[Entchanted] Sun' refers in part to the Trees and in part to {Urwendi}[Árië].
{Fionwe}[Eönwë]'s {rage}/was anraged/ and {grief.}[griefed] SM-EX-11.25<LT; The Tale of the Sun and the Moon , for he had concieved a great love for that bright maiden long ago, and her loveliness{ now}, when bathed in fire she sate as the radient mistress of the Sun, set him aflame with the eagerness of the {Gods}[Valar].> In the end he will SM-EX-11.28{slay}[stand against] {Melko}[Morogth].>
SM-EX-11.4: Yes, I think the ‘again’ is not really necessary and therefore rather stylistic.

SM-EX-11.7: No, I did not remove ‘though still the pursuing darkness overtakes him at whiles‘. Therefore in the text a fight to recapture the Moon is implicit in the text. Okay we are dealing with an outline. Therefore it would be possible to make this for the sake of clarity a bit more explicit. But do you think that is necessary?

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