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SM-EX-11.7: Okay, how do you find this:
But Melkor would make it a time of peril unseen, of fear without form, an uneasy vigil; or a haunted dream, leading through despair to the shadow of Death.>
SM-EX-11.6 <MT; 2 Outline The Sun remained a Lonely Fire, polluted by Melkor, but after the death of the Two Trees}Then Tilion returned to the Moon, SM-EX-11.65 /and drove of the/ SM-EX-11.7 <AAm {Then he assailed Tilion, sending} spirits of shadow that Morogth had send against him{, and there was strife in Ilmen beneath the paths of the stars, and}[u]. And so[/b] Tilion was the victor: as he ever yet hath been, though still the pursuing darkness overtakes him at whiles.> {which}[u]The Moon[/b] remained therefore an enemy of Melkor and his servants and creatures of night and so[u] was[/b] beloved of Elves later{ &c}.>
SM-EX-11.8<AAm 180 But seeing the assault upon SM-EX-11.85<ri and> Tilion the Valar were in doubt,
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