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ArcusCalion worte:
In the FoN chapter, Manwe sends heralds to Feanor before he departs, and at this point even the Doom of the Noldor has been spoke...
That is why I introduced change SM-EX-01.3. Therefore these messengers from the Teleri trigger Manw to send his herald. And at this point the doom of the Noldor was not jet spoken, because the over next gives Manw's reaction to the answere Feanor gave to the Herald of Manw at the departure from Tirion. See the bit of 'deeds to live in song forever'.

As the chapter stands, it always was a jump back in time and to a diffrent place of 'action'.

So the next message to reach the Valar is the kinslaying. And then the messenger from Mandos.

ArcusCalion worte:
I disagree with the bits about the Noldor being absorbed into other kindreds.
I do not see the contradiction. The key word is 'or' between the renaming to Aulenosse and the taken into the other kindreds. That means that the Aulenosse remain folk and can by us as Valinor external scribs be named Noldor and used in the role of watchers in the Calacirya.

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