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Thanks for the analysis lindil, it skipped my mind that Galadriel had spent quite a bit of time in Melian's presence in Doriath. A talent for the forseeing of events and dooms to come can indeed come in handy when preparing for enemies seen and unseen.

Your comment of Galadriel possibly learning something of Melian's girdle and then weaving what she could of her own talents through the woods of Lórien probably holds water given what we hear from other travelers in the books. That being the fearful commentary provided when confronted with simply the name of the Lady or Lórien. I won't dig them out, but you know that to which I refer -i.e. those who go in don't come, or they come out 'different'.

Remember Boromir never felt comfortable there, even after he'd seen the beauty, grace and strength. Why? Besides his upbringing to fear and distrust the place, it was because the seed of evil was already planted in his heart. It can't be forgotten that Gimli, who had the largest distrust and reservations of entering the woods, grew to love them and the Lady. Perhaps this was part of the nature of the Lórien 'girdle', those of unsound heart are repelled to a greater degree than the simple [mostly rumor inspired] dissuasion of the goodly foreigners.

I think I need to write a second draft - but the point is made. [img]smilies/smile.gif[/img]

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