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In the past there were elves that could give Morgoth himself a good fight! Could Galadriel have done so? Could she do so against Sauron? Or did he grow in power as well. Even if he did, surely he wasn't anywhere near as powerful as Morgoth.
Well, obviously Melian was not know as a warrior tot he extent that Fingolfin was, but I imagine she could have done nearly as well.

Against Sauron? Well we have Finrod's example. though of course when we pit them there are a host of other unknownable variables, such as woth or without repsective rings, and for Sauron, before or after Numenor or being defeated by Gil-galad/Elendil/Isildur.

I do not think maia can grow in power, save by manipulative techniques such as the One Ring. Just an opinion though.

The can and do disperse their power as Morgoth and later Sauron did and become weaker.

[In HoME X JRRT says that Morgoth at the end of the first age was weaker than Sauron witht the Ring] I think I have the Sauron part right, although it could be S. at the end of the third age, but I doubt it.
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