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Tolkien Will Tauriel die in the 3rd movie?

Remember that made up character we all hate, who has the terribad romance subplot that we all hate with a beardless dwarf (shameful)?

I think it's possible for Jackson to be writing her off in the 150 minute battle movie.
I'm estimating the actual Battle of the Five Armies will take around 45 minutes to an hour, which seems fair. What would they do in such a time frame? Obviously, they will have Thorin kill Azog, and die from his wounds, and Fili and Kili will die defending him, but what if Tauriel also died near the start, to give Kili even more motivation and drive to keep fighting?

It would please the fans, because it would satisfy their shipping needs, and would satisfy the haters, because she dies. Win/win situation here.

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