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Originally Posted by Victariongreyjoy View Post
Thinking how much Jackson deviated from the books with the Hobbit, would it be possible to see Thranduil meeting up with Dol Amroth sometimes during the War of The Ring? Since they were omitted from ROTK, why not having them join forces with Woodland Realm fighting the orcs from Dol Guldur?
Because they would have had to march right past Minas Tirith or right through Rohan to get there. Dol Amroth is south of the White Mountains, so unless your name happens to end with 'heir of Isildur', you can only get to Mirkwood by going one of those two ways.

I can't contrive any scenario which would lead the Prince of Dol Amroth to travel further than the distance to his nation's capital, in order to fight a less-important battle than the one happening in the Pelennor.
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