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Originally Posted by Victariongreyjoy View Post
I'm watching a map of the lands controlled by Gondor, and it seems to be Dol Amroth lay west for Gondor and very close to Rohan. But you're right, it wouldn's sound logical for Imrahil to take his army to fight in foreign lands than saving Gondor itself.
Indeed it does, but the only way to get to Mirkwood is either by following Anduin (past Minas Tirith), or by going through the Gap of Rohan, which obviously takes you through Rohan.

Or, I suppose, by heading up the west side of the Misty Mountains and taking either Caradhras or the High Pass... since we're in the Jacksonverse, anything's possible! Let's see...


The Age of Men is coming. The strength of the Elves is failing. War rages across Middle-earth, with hordes of vile creatures streaming out from Sauron's three strongholds: Orcs from Mordor, Uruk-Hai from Isengard, and Goblins from Dol Guldur.

Minas Tirith stands against the Orcs. Rohan fights hard against the Uruks. But all that lies in the path of the Goblins are the peace-loving Elven kingdoms of Lorien and Mirkwood...

Imrahil, half-elven prince of the fair city of Dol Amroth, cannot allow the lands of his ancestors to fall. Leaving his city to the depravations of the Corsairs of Umbar, he marches the proud Swan Knights north - past the White Mountains, past the Gap of Rohan, over the raging river Greyflood. He knows that the Balrog of Moria has been slain, and plans to lead his army through the deserted Mines to the liberation of Lorien, the rescue of Galadriel, and the destruction of Dol Guldur.

But something waits in the dark... the Watcher has not abandoned its post, and in the narrow corridors of the Dwarrowdelf, it has become a terror beyond imagining.

Will Imrahil make it out of the mountain alive, or will his cries ring from the foot of the Endless Stair to its peak? Find out in Peter Jackson's Middle-earth: Flight of the Swans - We Cannot Get Out, coming soon to a cinema near you!


... I bet you never thought this line of questioning would lead to Middle-earth themed Lovecraftian horror, did you?

(All in good fun, all in good fun...)

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