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A writers' community type thing is, and it's not only for fanfiction, it's for original works too. I'm a member of it. It's really great because it's easy to review others' works and such, and one gets exposed to a lot of creativity.

My answers to Starbreeze's questions
How do you guys feel about including a *hmhm* sexual *hmhm* relationship in your story. I don't mean an innocent romance, but the kinda thing that would make your granny faint - like the stuff modern authors are fond of using. I tend to dislike this but I would be interested to see what everyone here thought.
I don't mind using romance if it's part of the plot. If it's just an out-of-nowhere sexual one-night stand thing and has absolutely nothing to do with the story, then I don't write it. But usually it's part of the plot.

Next, how do you keep track of names etc. and phrases you like, that pop into your head? I mean, I keep it all in a notebook, that I carry around every where so if anything inpires you you can write it down.
I usually write them down in a journal or save them in a file, then refer back to them when necessary. I usually try to keep them in my head though.

Next, what inspires you? Is it everyday things, or something you read, or dreams? Or a mixture?
Mostly a lot of real-life situations inspire me, but I write a lot of short stories based on things I've read or what I think could be possible.

Next, (wow, I ask a lot don't I lol), How do you feel about other people reading your work? Would you be brave enough to share it with the world and publish it or would you be like me (and Maika apparently), who are too scared to even show people we have known for years?
I'm not really afraid of showing people my work when it's finished. I hate it when people ask to see my work when I just start working on it. However, most people I know don't even know that I write things outher than school assignments.

Next, how long do you write for before you feel that it is finished and you can't do anymore without spoiling it? As an artist too I know that somethimes you could work on something for ages then wake up next morning and know that it is finished, or you could work on something for a day and feel the same way after lunch.
I don't know...I usually take time to edit, proofread, and change things, etc...I'm never finished right away.

Next, (almost finished!) Do you illustrate your work or leave it to the reader's imagination? And do you want to design your own front cover or have someone else do it?
If I ever get anything published, I would probably draw the cover myself, but I would prefer to have no drawing on the cover. I like letting readers use their own minds when they read.

Answers to the original post
Are any of you writing serious fantasy?
Yes...sort of...
If so, how have you dealt with the temptation to be imitative of Tolkien?
My plot isn't Tolkien-like. It'd probably classified as "sci-fi" but I think it's fantasy.
How long have you been working on your story, and why?
Um...not very long...
What pitfalls have you faced and how have you overcome them - or not?
My biggest pitfall is procrastination in writing down my ideas, and I have overcome it by writing down the basic plot, a few details, then elaborating on the story.

Writing is my passion. I love doing it. It's the haven I go to so I can release stress and anger and fear. I also love knowing what other people think of my work, and suggestions for improving.
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