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To write is to make dreams, to make dreams is to awaken the fantasy of the mind, to awaken the mind is to be a master.

I like that a lot.
Thanks, I forgot I put that there. Its rather like one of my story ideas, it popped into my head as I was updating my sig yesterday.

In my story (so far) dragons are dog sized flying worm shaped lizards (if that makes sense). They are not true dragons, which are much larger, as they left my world at the same time as the immortal people of the 'elves' (which aren't really elves). They are a bad omen and, though small, dangerous.

Sorry, Maika, but even I don't know how it ends yet. The story writes itself, it's like a film, you don't really know the end till you see it.

Dragon Girl -
Speaking of...authors...I know money isn't the most important thing in the world or anything...but when I go to college I will probably have to choose between doing a math/science/computer degree or a literature/fine arts degree. I really don't know what I should choose because I want to support myself, but I want to enjoy my future job too. I'm good at both types of things, but what kind of job...and how much money...could I make with a job if I graduate from Yale? I don't know. My sister said to play to my strengths, yet I find that my strengths include both poles. I'm very ambivalent and if anyone has any type of advice I'd greatly appreciate it.

Probably what will happen is I will end up with a math/science/computer degree and have writing as a hobby. I love writing more but I need to support myself and have a steady job, etc, and I'm good at both sides. Argh...
Whew, tell me about it, I have the same problem! I have to decide between, money and what I like, it is one major set back about being reasonable at everything - the only thing I know I'm not taking is Tech! At least I'm not alone, but I can't help but feel that the pressure to be rich and the demands of materialism means that the world is missing out on many great artists and authors. *sighs*

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Do not tamper with the affairs of wizards, they are not all that subtle - Terry Pratchett

To write is to make dreams, to make dreams is to awaken the fantasy of the mind, to awaken the mind is to be a master.
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