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DragonGirlG: About money: I'm 42. I went liberal arts, history major, then education, and taught high school for almost three years, only to find out I wasn't cut out for the emotional drain of it (in my case). Then I got into factory work, and am now in shipping and receiving. I am going to go back to school for library science, for which I long ago tested a high level of ability and interest in. The reason I'm telling you all this is to say this: I've done okay without a lot of money, but I'm tired of just getting by; I'll double my base salary with a library science master's. So it's okay to make more money and still be a writer/artist on your own time. If you can become a paid artist, it usually means you're in advertising, or if you're discovered, you're in the movie business. Also, you will probably work for five to ten different companies by the time you retire. Just remember the bottom line: it's great to enjoy what you make a living at, but make sure you have time and energy to pursue your art. That said, it's far more important to enjoy life, period. That probably doesn't help, but take it for what it's worth.

Starbreeze: The basis for my story is that immortal beings entered Earth in ancient times and took human mates, and their offspring were heroes. In my other-world, called Aelde, the evil being are called Felloth. The gods and goddesses are called the Fellir and their offspring are called Fellspawn; they tend to take the shape their forebear prefers - serpents, wolves, spiders, boars, cats, you name it. The Fellspawn are those in whom the Fellir invest their might. Their offspring in whom they choose NOT to invest their might are called Gebilleh; none of these beings can be killed, but their bodies can be hacked to pieces; the Fellspawn have the might to re-body, but the Gebilleh make do as best they can, getting more atrocious looking with each 'hacking'. Another race in Aelde are the Cloudmariners, beings who ride the clouds like ships and bring rain where it's needed - except some have been corrupted and bring only storm wherever they go - they are called Fellmariners. The good immortals' names match the evil in everything but root - Glimmir, Glimhoth, Glimmariners, Glimspawn. There are no good Gebilleh. And then there are the two dragons, which are called Wyrms in Aelde, the Wrath Wyrm, and the Fury Wyrm. The Fury Wyrm has been imprisoned in a sword of power, called Archbane.

ACK I gotta get to work!

Happy writing!
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