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I had not heard of this writer. Thanks for the tip.
No problem! [img]smilies/biggrin.gif[/img]

Has anyone here tried writing non fiction?
Yes, I have, and I failed. I tried writing a long paper on genetics and Darwin's theory but found that my own feelings get in the way too much, which isn't a probelm in fictional writing, you can insert as much feeling as you can, and that's what makes it real. I also tried a short paper on genetic variations that lead to the resistance of diseases, e.g. AIDS, the Black Death...and so on, but it was really a bad time for me to write it, don't ask why, and it never got off the ground. As you can probably guess, science, genetics in particular are a strong point of mine, and they were going to be published if they ever got anywhere, but they didn't.

Actually I've kept this interest of mine a secret, even from my family and close friends. Kinda scared I suppose that they'd think the idea stupid...
Oh, I totally know the feeling. I told my parents once and they just laughed. It maybe because when I was seven or so I insisted in spending every waking moment writing (or trying to) poetry and horse stories. But this is different, for a start I'm much older, and they could give me more support. I never even tried to tell my other reletives! My friends are okay though, one of my best friends writes too, so we help each other (we are about the same way through our stories), and my other two best friends enjoy reading what we write and giving us constructive criticism, not that they do that much, mostly its 'oh, that bit was good, tell me when the next bit is done'. My other friends give me ideas, like names and models of behavior for some of the characters.

I've really started to miss a writer's forum, and what would it be, if not this discussion going on and on (and making progress) in emails? How about if we start a web-based one? I've been on a writers' mailing list once before, but we had not enough members. Would any of you here be interested? I think I'll go to Yahoo and start a list right NOW- join if you feel like it. Please email me if you're interested.
Daegwenn, had a similar idea I think. They do say that great minds think alike. [img]smilies/biggrin.gif[/img]
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