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In response to:

"This is not a yes or no question, and it never was."

It is my question – and I have asked for an answer. Period.

Unfortunately you are blinded by your own fierce desire to be 'right'. It appears you're losing sight of reality. If another person on the forum can see: “The fact that 'thirty pieces of silver' is such an*obvious*source for the 30 silver pennies” - how are you utterly unable to?

Now the first statement below is true, but once again you conveniently ignore Tolkien's desire to subtly include Christian elements in the tale.

"There is no reference to the allegory in Tolkien's letters, and no sense of him needing the allegory to make a plot point in the first place."

The following is just hot air. You can't prove what you've written:

"There is no need for editing when there is no applicability. And it is not applicable. Nor is it symbolic."

Apply an identical symbolism test to 'Lembas' and see if you would come to the same conclusion based just on knowledge from TLotR text. After you come up emptyhanded – then perhaps you can explain to us all why Elvish waybread had no religious connotations for the tale!

As for:

"It is up to you to prove your fallacy, and you have failed. Miserably."

That's just melodramatic nonsense – I've seen over and over again.

"Certainly, if that was the case, and it was something he inserted to prove a point, then "pennies" is not the medium for the allusion."

Please expand on this. I am interested in why pennies are not coins Tolkien would have used if alluding to the Gospel story in question. Please let us all know – what coinage is more appropriate!
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