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Originally Posted by Balfrog View Post

"Evidently, as you are unable to counter the accusation, then it is true. You are a fraud."

What a bunch of clap-trap. Yep - as usual you are wrong!

But just to appease your endless silly accusations that nobody gives a hoot about here we go. Below's a link to a conversation between Priya Seth and Hammond and Scull back at the very beginning of 2015 about a year before she even started her web articles.
I fail to see how this matters to the discussion or alters your fraudulence one jot or tittle. What happened elsewhere in 2015 does not change the fact that you are a fraud and come here ONLY with your monthly vowel movement of Priyatic offal.

Originally Posted by Balfrog View Post
"I am an atheist"

I didn't ask for your religious persuasion and to be honest I really don't care. I have little doubt those who are Christians view Tolkien's TLotR (a fundamentally Catholic work) from a different perspective than those of other faith. As an atheist I would not expect you to 'see the light'!
You must be willfully ignoring why I referenced atheism. Either that, or your cat is typing gibberish while you're away. I made reference to my atheism in the sense that "even an atheist could see that Tolkien, an ardent Catholic, wouldn't make light of Judas' betrayal of Christ." Read it again:

"The biblical quote is "thirty pieces of silver", not "30 silver pennies". Modern biblical translations that reduced the amount of biblical archaisms and inserted more contemporary verbiage in its place may opt for "thirty silver coins", but then Tolkien would not have desired, nor were there many "modern" translations of the bible handy during his adulthood, and certainly not prior to Vatican II, the Second Vatican Council formed by Pope John XXIII in 1959.

Therefore, "thirty pieces of silver" which would be the correct phrase throughout Tolkien's life, denotes blood money and unholy, abominable betrayal. I just don't see the allusory nature of the purchase of ponies to be equivalent to the betrayal and ultimate crucifixion of Jesus Christ, and I am an atheist."

By the way, your comment that an atheist would not be able to understand the perspective of a Catholic is nonsense, and profoundly dumb. Prior to choosing non-belief as the most sensible of courses, and irreligion as a logical precept, I was a Catholic. And as a Medievalist by study and degree, I would suggest I know more about the Catholic Church and the predisposition and foibles of its followers than an alleged spammer who claims to mouth the words of someone else. To be of a religion does not mean that one has the faintest idea what the dogma of that religion entails. Most don't practice what is preached, but Tolkien as a scholar and an ardent adherent wasn't one of those. Hence, he wouldn't trivialize the betrayal of Jesus for a few ponies.

Originally Posted by Balfrog View Post
So tell me:

Are you a fraud because you hide behind a fictitous name?
Are you a click-baiter because each and every time you post you advertise your personal web-site?

Wow talk about the pot calling the kettle black'!
There are several glaring differences that anyone with a faint, fading scintilla of sense would comprehend:

1) I have been here for over ten years.

2) People know my real name here and I correspond regularly with forum members on Facebook.

3) I do not post separate threads every time I come here advertising one single website to increase clicks for someone else's site.

4) In relation to #3, I post dialogue on other people's threads and engage with the community here because that is what posters who are actually real people do, unlike spammers such as yourself. You unload your spam, then leave. Not once have you engaged with this forum other than on your own spam threads. Your spammish posting history speaks for itself.

5) My site is not at all updated as I post very irregularly. I have never posted a separate thread to advertise the site even when I was adding regular submissions. At the present time, I just leave the site up because I occasionally get requests or people comment on previous articles.

And with that, my conversations with you are ended. There is no sense in adding any further post count to your threads.
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