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I would be the first person to have put down the good Professor's own faith: the Catholic Church, in specific the Latrin Rite, with a touch of experience regarding the Greek Rite of the Ukrainian Patriarchy, and a general curiosity considering the Ambrosian Rite...

Of course, this isn't new news to anybody on this site who is acquainted with, and if you're on the list of those who are getting acquainted, then it's one of the first facts you'll learn, and if you're simply an anti-social boor who cares not a whit about me... then, well, I guess you won't be reading this post, now will you?

As far as my standing within the faith goes, I'm a very regular church-goer, involved in more Church functions than necessary, with hopes of a lifelong career in service to that Church. Similar to my wealth of useless Tolkien trivia, I collect minor facts of the Faith, and would consider my faith to be as orthodoxly in accord with the Vatican as is possible based on my knowledge of the faith. As far as being a Liberal/Conservative Catholic goes, I have conservative leanings, tempered with an appreciation for liberal positions that do not contract the orthodox faith, and would be be described as a Moderate-Conservative.

Is that enough?

Well, I can go on....

Despite a very firm conviction in the correctness of my own faith, I like to think that I am relatively ecumenical in my dealings with non-Catholics. Certainly, I have several non-Catholic friends whom I have not (yet) attempted to convert. I don't believe that non-Catholics are condemned to Hell. Religions in general interest me. Overall, I prefer a devout Muslim/Jew/Protestant/Wiccan over an apathetic Catholic....

Okay, I think that's more than you are all interested in hearing (not that you're likely to have made it this far into the post).
I prefer history, true or feigned.
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