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The NHS isn't much easier, even though it's free and no insurance companies (who are not amongst my favourite things either) are involved. Try getting a dentist when you move to a new area...and woe betide you ever seek to change your doctor if you are unhappy with them.

I actually assign to Mordor Doctor's Receptionists as they're growing increasingly like little Hitlers these days. You ring up for an appointment and not only do they sigh and bark at you because they've had to actually pick up the phone but they make it as difficult as possible for you to get an appointment. "You can have one three weeks on Thursday. I don't care if you are dying." Then if you want one sooner they ask you what's up with you and get the 'ump when you refuse to tell them and quite rightly point out that they are not the Doctor and as such are not qualified to judge if you are 'sick enough' or not.

This is only one of the receptionists. The rest are quite nice. But that felt good all the same.
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