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Everythnig I do not comment on I agree to. And I promis it is not to much I comment on.

FY-HL-01: This was used twice. I suppose the title 'Of the Disaster of the Gladden Fields' was to be marked by FY-HL-02.

DGF-SL-01: I think we have to do something on this paragraph. 'and for long the White Tree of the Eldar flowered in the courts of the Kings of Men, for the seedling which he had saved Isildur planted in the citadel of Anor in memory of his brother, ere he departed' is clearly out of sequence. We probabaly would need a bit more of mixing of the source texts we us.

LA-SL-16: I think still that the paragraph 'The Ruling Ring passed ... White Tree in memory of his brother Anárion.' should be moved at least in part to the last chapter in The Black Years. As it stands now we jump backward and forward and even reperat facts. I am aware that this is ture in part as well for the original text Of the Rings of Power and the Third Age, but our additions increase the distance between the repeations and the strong feeling of more repeation.

DGF-SL-07 & DGF-SL-12: What about spliting this note? I would use the genological first part at the first mentioning of Meneldil and from 'He was a man of ...' at its original place.

DGF-SL-13 & LA-SL-03: I am still for using this in the chronlogical right possition. That of course does not mean that we should remove the foot note here completly. The first sentence should stay here and even a part of teh second could be repeated. The info abou Elendur should stay here.

DGF-SL-14: Here only the author's part of the note was taken. But thus teh follwoing information is lost: 'the ancient Forest Road that led down from the Pass of Imladris and crossed Anduin by a bridge (that had been enlarged and strengthened for the passage of the armies of the Alliance), and so over the eastern valley into the Greenwood. The Anduin could not be bridged at any lower point; for a few miles below the Forest Road the land fell steeply and the river became very swift, until it reached the great basin of the Gladden Fields. Beyond the Fields it quickened again, and was then a great flood fed by many streams, of which the names are forgotten save those of the larger: the Gladden (Sîr Ninglor), Silverlode (Celebrant), and Limlight (Limlaith).' I am not sure where, but we should find a place for this.

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