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The Girdle of Melian I would safely assume to be more powerful, although they are altogether different in design and purpose. Doriath was to be kept as a place secreted from the enemy and friend alike, whereas Lothlórien and it's location was known to all.

Melian did not direct the growth of the foliage around her, nor did she need to protect her home against the ravages of time, her girdle was one of confusion and bewilderment. Galadriel used her powers to preserve her land against decay and to promote growth. Any warding off of enemies came from the hallowed nature of the soil, the nearby rivers and the bows of the Galadhrim.

I would also suspect that her mirror was as beneficial in protecting the woods from intrusion as was Nenya. Even Galadriel + Nenya + Mirror + Celeborn (hehe) was not as formidable as Melian.
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