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I think with all the years of successful rule under Denethor's belt he would naturally become resentful of those who didn't hold him in high enough regard to include him, personally, in their Council against the Shadow. He was capable, and he was an important figure in the survival of Middle-earth. And yet he was not considered a "peer" by the Wise. Just think of the insult! Did Mithrandir share his discoveries with Denethor, or consult him for his opinions? I think this exclusion simply furthered the sense of division that was inherent in the situation: Gondor was on the very borders of Sauron's turf, and leagues away from its most important allies.

Does it surprise anyone that he became prideful and resentful? My post is intended to be somewhat subjective to what I believe Denethor must have been feeling. I don't personally believe he should've been included in the White Council -- of course not. But I do think the Council would have benefitted by at least keeping open the lines of communication with him, and keeping him informed of certain things. At least enough to soothe his pride.
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