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This has become one very interesting topic. And good posts by everyone.
When I read Mr. Underhills post I stumpled on the sentence:

The West has failed
I have allways seen this sentence as The West - The Powers of the West ei. the Valar has failed for not rescuing ME from the evil of Sauron - and partly being somthing Denethor had been led to belive by his contact with Sauron.
I see Denethor in TA3019 as a person very much under the infuence of Sauron - through the Palantir he has been brainwashed to see and learn what Sauron wanted him to.
His pride has been manipulated with which leed to his fall. Sauron knew that there were forces in ME stronger that Denethor - If he could make Denethor belive that he (D) was the wisest opponent there was to Sauron, so that D would despise the counsil of others (Gandalf - TWC - Faramir) then Sauron would benefit from it.


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