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If we look closer at the examples we have for the daeth of an Istar I would think, that Sarumans spirit was sumound to Eru and remaind there for ever.
Gandlaf died on the summit of Celeb-dil in a sense that man die: he left the world and the time and had a meeting with Eru. Eru decieded to sent him back to fulfill his task.
When Saruman died his spirit went wither it was doomed to go. That is very vague, but cold very well stand for the same thing.

In the Essay on the Istari it was told that only Gandalf ever returned to valinor. So way wounldn't the spirit of Radagast seek a way back? In my veiw, because he couldn't do it.

I think it was part of the quest of the Istari, that they took up a live like to men only that they had no natural limit to thier livespan. But death was for them like it is for man: the final end of thier stay in time and history and a ticket for a return to the creator of all.

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