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I believe that the orcs were once elves that were tortured by Morgoth, although there are some discrepencies among some earlier or later writtings of Tolkien.

And Frodo tossing the Ring into Mount Doom, well in any story true or fiction you want to make it seem that the hero is the one that saves the day and finishes the quest succesfully, not a creature like Gollum who no one would want to be a hero in a story like that, whose absent greedy mindlessness sent him tripping over the edge into a pit of lava.

And what about the supposed mechanical monsters that the Valar made to help in the task of ridding ME from Melkor, so the elves could be saved? Of course this was never written in the Silm. ...oh but what could have been... and now is not. Personaly i like the fact that those mechanical beasts were not decided to be in the book. Because I also believe that Tolkien wanted the Evil ones Melkor, Sauron etc. were meant to be the industrializers who used machines to corrupt the world and people for their dark purposes.
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