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Child of the 7th Age posdted something re: therevision of galadriel that was ongoing past the lotR. CRRT says in UT that the conception of galadriel which you refered to, his father 'undoubtedly planned to incorporate in the Silmarillion' so this, I think a further aspect of Christianizing revisions. As is the very existence of the aforementioned Athrabeth Finrod he Andreth [ HoME 10].
As an aside in our project to revise the Silmarillion I previously held to the idea that all changes must coincide w/ the material published during JRRT's lifetime. just the otherday before reading this thread came to the conclusion that in fact small sections of the Hobbit, LotR, and the RGEO must also be changed to accomadate the true role of Galadriel. Of course by 'changed' I mean my own private canon, and maybe a few other crazy souls!

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