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Lot of deep stuff here, and I will keep a look out for this, as I get to HoME VII, VIII & IX, but one thing that I've often thought about are the echoes of the seven sacraments, to name actually only a some examples:

Baptism: Crossing Bruinen, Galadriel's Mirror (w/Frodo as Prebyster), Sam's falling into Nen Hithoel, Ent-Draught, and the entire Henneth Annun lead-up and scene.

Matrimony: Aragorn/Arwen obviously

Reconciliation: Boromir's Death, Gollum's First Encounter with Frodo, Faramir & Frodo; Faramir's Encounter with Eowyn; Aragorn's Leading of the Dead

Annointment of the Sick: Boromir's Death, Path's of the Dead, Healing of Theoden, Healing of Frodo by Elrond, Aragorn's Healing of those stricken with the Black Death

Confirmation: Gildor's Naming Frodo Elf-Friend (and/or subsequent stuff with Tom for the others); Gift Giving in Lorien, especially the Phial of Galadriel; Reforging of Narsil; Gandalf's Giving of the Palantir to Aragorn; Merry and Pippen receiving the Colors of Rohan and Gondor.

Eucharist: Lembas (as noted above); or how about Mirovir; Various meals perhaps with Tom, at Elrond's, or Henneth Annun in particular, but I would also consider the planting of the Mallorn in the Shire to be analogous.

Holy Orders: Gandalf's elevation after the Battle of the Peak; Bilbo's, Frodo's and Sam's Ordeals of Ring-Bearing and Ringbearer-Bearing; Aragorn's coronation.
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