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Man-of-the-Wold, that was a fascinating list. It is intriguing to consider the sacramental side; the "prophetic", revelatory side gets much more press, but I suspect to Tolkien the sacraments would be at least of equal importance.

There is also the potential connection of eucharist with euchatastrophe, revelation. And revelation in all its other forms (are they truly "other", or is all true revelation, eucatastrophic? Perhaps I overgeneralize Tolkien's "Sudden Happy Turn" from dyscatastrophe.) Somehow to me the threads of revelation, euchatastrophe, and sacrament, connect in a woven fabric. Perhaps sacraments are the warp and revelation the woof.

I'm curious why you equate the Mallorn with the eucharist. To me. oddly enough, it relates more to Gondor's One White Tree (perhaps its solitude and being rooted, as it were, in foreign soil.) Being in my mind related more to Gondor's White Tree, therefore I relate it back to The Two Trees of Valinor, which remind me of the Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge. Those trees speak of Mercy and Law, I think, or of Grace and Truth.

Please do explain the eucharistic connection you make with Sam's mallorn.
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