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Dig, Dig, Snuffle, Snuffle, Snort, Snort, OOH! Look at this thread!

For a warrior- and slave-race, whose sole existence should be blasphemous, the beauty of distinct sexes seems less appropriate than asexual reproduction, or hermaphroditic creatures.
I'd have to say that you bring up a good point, Sharkey, and convince me 100% in the opposite direction. If they were hermaphroditic, then all would have been breeders, which would inconvenience the armies no end, I'm sure.

Hobbitus Emeritus seems to give a horribly accurate picture of the Life Cycle of the Female Orc, showing how they would be used if they existed. I think they do exist, in exactly the same way that Dwarf-women do, and that the role of the female is an important comment on what both these races were like. Warlike and insensitive, almost pure Yang/male energy, without the necessary balance. Eventually these races died out, and Men, who were a little more progressive in their attitudes, inherited the earth. The Ents and the Entwives is another (pretty weird) story entirely.
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