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I have a theory that can reconcile both the dark & light ideas... In the movie, Legolas' wig starts out with a fair amount of dark hair interspersed with the blonde. As the movies progress, the wig bleaches. (Don't ask me why I noticed that, because I have no idea. I'm not even a crazed Legolas fangirl.) Perhaps this bleaching is caused by being out in the sun: Legolas did live in Mirkwood and probably wasn't out in direct sunlight a whole lot. Of course, "normal" hair doesn't bleach that fast but maybe it would go blonde faster if it hadn't seen too much continual sunlight. Just a thought. [img]smilies/biggrin.gif[/img]
"Come, come!" he shouted, swinging his axe. "Since Gandalf's head is now sacred, let us find one that is right to cleave!"
-Gimli, after hearing Galadriel's message to him in TTT
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