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Smug the Fabulous has just left Hobbiton.
I go into Gollum mode whenever I see one of my friends dropping change.
I get a nervous twitch whenever someone praises The Hobbit movies.
I clench my fists and grit my teeth with a murderous rage whenever someone asks why they didn't use the eagles to get to Mount Doom.
I once held a celebratory lunch on September 22nd involving mushroom soup.
Ever since I discovered Tolkien's work, I always walk around the house in bare foot and at times, put on a waistcoat.
"It is everywhere. It is everything. Its scales glisten in the bark of trees. Its roar is heard in the wind. And its forked tongue strikes like... *lightning strikes* whoa! Like lightning!"-Merlin, Excalibur(1981)
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