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Re: Celebrimbor

If you mean, just omitting the words &quot;in Gondolin&quot; is too easy, because it leaves things vague, then I agree.

It is half-removing a difficulty. A reader then must guess whether the giving of the stone to Idril happened in Vinaymar before Idril depearted to Gondolin or whether Celebrimbor did indeed end up in Gondolin. So why not just put in Gondolin, since that's where Tolkien put him at that time? But would Tolkien have done so if Celebrimbor was a descendant of Fanor?

Everything feels somewhat wrong, including using the discarded Enerdhil.

But since Celebrimbor is made a descendant of Fanor in LR, he must remain so by the rules, or so I understand. And Curufin as his father is as good as anything and the only one Tolkien names. He cannot be one of the Sindar or one of the Teleri who crossed with Teleporno as in variant Tolkien accounts.

Therefore I gather you would go the Enerdhil route.

The passages from which Christopher Tolkien's Celebrimbor material in the published Quenta Silmarillion derive all appear in The Peoples of Middle-earth, chapter X, &quot;Of Dwarves and Men&quot;, Note 7. There he was born in Aman, but his unnamed mother did not accompany the Noldor into exile.

At the moment I'm thinking that removing all mention of how the stone was made may be best. It is just Idril's stone and these are its powers.

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