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Thank you for the hint!!
I think I can guess where it MIGHT be... With the help of a (nearly useless and most irritating)language-guide for tourists I found out further that "mi" is we and "vi" is you, and "nadejde" something like hope ? And "ix plana"= their plan ? Well, I`ll have a try:

"Yes", said Strider reluctantly, "you had better do that. I am afraid we shall have to try to get one pony at least. But so ends all hope of starting early, and slipping away quietly! We might as well have blown a horn to announce our departure. That was part of their plan, no doubt."
(Strider to Butterbur in the morning after the attack of the Nazgūls in the prancing Pony)

Could it be that ?

Btw, don`t you use any quotation marks in Russian?

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