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Schmendrick has just left Hobbiton.

I know this! But unfortunately I don't know the word-to-word-translation in english, since I only have the book in finnish here at my parents'!
It's Frodo, in the end, when he chooses not to throw the ring into the fire!
In finnish he says:" Olen tullut. Mutta nyt en tee sitä, minkä tulin tekemään. Tätä tekoa en tee. Sormus on minun!"
And in eglish something like:" I've arrived. But I won't do what I came here to do. This (deed) I won't do. The Ring is mine!"
And now, if this was the right answer,I ask you the quote I already wrote in my previous post! [img]smilies/wink.gif[/img]
Be strong, saith my heart; I am a soldier, I have seen worse sights than this. - Iliad -
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