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Originally Posted by Zigûr View Post
I was going to post this in the Sauron's Great Miscalculation thread but as I feel I've already contributed sufficiently to going off topic there, I've reworked this to fit this topic more closely.

Orcs and spirituality
Professor Tolkien observed the possibility of Orcs considering Morgoth to be their 'father', in a spiritual sense, but this was blasphemous and spiritually deleterious: "Any creature that took him for Lord (and especially those who blasphemously called him Father or Creator) became soon corrupted in all parts of its being" (Morgoth's Ring). This also suggests that it would take many generations for Orcs to even begin to mingle with Mannish society, as Gondor after the restoration of the King appears to have also resulted in the restoration of what constituted their religious practices, as stated in Letter 156. The Orcs, deluded about their spiritual origin, would not have been an easy fit into this society, and I imagine it would have only occurred in days when, I assume, the fortitude of the Númenóreans in Middle-earth again waned, as it appeared to already be doing late in Eldarion's reign if The New Shadow is any indication, and by extension I imagine the worship of God again faltered, as it had in the king's absence.
Animals have sentience and any being with (aural) sentience (language) and secondly as evidencing capacity for biological intermingling, and thirdly with trace to the same Pantheon suggests intermingling should be not slow, but as rapid as migration or interactions occur.

By analogy, Satanists blend with Christians in the world of monotheism. Eru and the parable of Vanity makes Morgoth and Sauron same same. E.g. on Numenor, Morgoth was worshipped, and this did not slow the mingling of Men and Men. We also know Men were more vulnerable to being made worshippers of Evil, so again, Orc and Man have a common dinner table.
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