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Microphones in Middle-earth...the BBC Lord of the Rings

So...Mithalwen & I have decided that the BBC Radio series of Lord of the Rings deserved its own thread, & that we would take an Episode by Episode approach, along the lines of the Chapter by Chapter read through & the Scene by Scene watch through (or whatever the term is).

The plan is to start soon - I'm putting something together to post on here tomorrow (hopefully), setting things up, giving a few bits of background info on how the series came to be made & why its the best adaptation of the book ever......

But as a starter, here are a few links which those unfamiliar with the series may find of interest.

Wikipedia entry on the series: Very good overview.

A very good & informative review by Elen Brundige

And Wellinghall - - a site dedicated to the series, containing pictures of the cast, a full transcript of each episode, sound clips, etc.

All welcome. Hopefully we'll get enough interest to make this worthwhile.

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