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Originally Posted by Macalaure View Post
I guess that everybody has a certain voice that he hears inside his head while reading the books, just like everybody has a mental image of the characters. But Tolkien usually described the looks in a little more detail than he described the voices, so the sounds of the voices are inevitably much more subjective. Considering that, it's amazing how many voices in this adaptation seem to sound "right" to the majority.

What I can't change, though, is that when I hear a voice that doesn't fit, it makes me feel less like inside of Middle-earth. That's why I'm bringing it up (also to see whether others feel the same).
I agree with you. None of these voices match up to my image of the characters nor are they the voices I hear when I read the book (excluding perhaps the Hobbits). I haven't heard the adaption in full yet, but I do have 1979 U.S. adaption, and I will hold my opinions on it until I start a thread pertaining solely to it (which I plan to do eventually)! Although I will say that I was not too impressed with the voice selection of the '79 adaption, however I was pleased that I liked the voice actor they chose for Boromir.

Concerning the voice selection for this BBC adaption, I think they did a good job with the Hobbits. But I cannot stand the voice actor for Boromir, he is much too old and hoarse sounding. Gandalf sounds unconvincing and Legolas has no elegance to his speech. Gimli sounds like he has consumed too many drugs over the years.

Concerning the overall BBC, which I hope to contribute a little bit more in this thread, it is alright so far.
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