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Tolkien East of Fangorn: Ędegard

Ędegard was amazed by Amroth's song. After it, he no longer was tempted to call him "Mellon", or "the blacksmith". Whatever may have been true about his body, he was in spirit the Elf-lord, Amroth, or must be, thought Ędegard. He exchanged glances with Liornung and Bellyn, who seemed as sobered as he by Amroth's song.

They continued riding north, stopping only for quick meals, and to relieve themselves, and came at evening upon the River Limlight, a mere stream trickling out of the Fangorn. The forded it and pressed on, their mounts urged on by Amroth.

Ędegard was concerned. "Amroth, I worry about our mounts. We must rest soon."

Amroth sighed.
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