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Boots North of Fangorn: Mellon-Amroth, morning of Dec. 15

The next morning, Liornung confronted Amroth with the weariness of his own two horses. "You see, Lord Amroth. Our speed has come at too great a cost."

Amroth did see. He stepped towards Liornung's bay, stroked his neck, and murmured to the horse. The bay snorted, and then reached down for a mouthful of dewy grass.

Amroth stepped back, and nodded. "I have been careless. You speak the truth." He walked to Ędegard. "I will proceed on foot. Echo will not mind walking beside me. You may rest as much as you wish. You will catch me easily when you do ride."

"You need rest too, " Ędegard said with his first real frown in several days.

"Yes, " replied Amroth. "But I will not find it lying on the ground. Farewell til you catch me again."

"Amroth, wait. Stay here. Rest with us."

"Ędegard." Amroth turned back to him, and stepped close, looking up at him.

Ędegard the tall Rider looked down on the slight Gondorian blacksmith. Whatever the state of his elvish mind, weariness was all too evident in the young man's body. Ędegard shook his head. "You are exhausted. You will be sick again ere long."

Amroth reached up and put one hand on Ędegard's shoulder. "I am sick now, friend; and only one can heal me. I would find no rest dallying here. Do not fret; you will catch me easily. I will not hide my tracks, and Echo cannot. Farewell for the morning."

With a nod to the baffled Liornung and Bellyn, Amroth led Echo northward out of the camp.

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