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Shield ROHAN: Liornung and the gypsies

Liornung cast one last bewildered look in the direction Amroth had gone then took Bellyn's hand. "Come along," he said. "We will go to the wayfarer camp, but we must be brief. I do not like to leave him alone for long." They went over the ground to the place the wayfarers had camped, leading their tired horses behind them. A broad smile came to Liornung's face when he saw many people, their features both fair and dark, going here and there, preparing to leave. "This is a surprise, but pleasant," he said. "Most wayfarer bands I have encountered have been Easterlings, but I see many of my own race here, and Gondorians as well."

A young girl came walking confusedly towards them, an empty pail in her hand. She was of Rohan if one was to judge by her features, for she was tall, fair-haired, and blue-eyed. She studied them dubiously, glanced over her shoulder, and seemed to come to a decision about something. "Excuse me, sirs," she said in a low voice, "but do you know of any stream nearby?"

"So I do," Liornung said with another of his odd bows. "We camped by one last night; it is over yonder." He gestured in the direction of their campsite. She began walking vaguely that way, a cloud of confusion on her face, but he stopped her. "Wait a moment, Miss," he said. "Might I have the honor of learning you name?"

"Argeleafa," she replied shortly, dropping her eyes shyly.

"That is a lovely name. Yet.... if you do not mind me being bold, Miss Argeleafa, I have been impressed by your attitude that you are quite new to the wayfarers."

A blush came to her cheeks and her eyes flamed, but just as quickly she paled and ducked her head quite low. "I must confess, sir, it is so."

"I trust you did not run away to join them?"

"Oh, sir, who would be mad enough...?" A startled look sprang to her face and she stared up at him. "I am only with them because my father, who wandered in his younger days, took a fancy to join them. My mother also did, and so did I. They passed our town just five weeks ago. I have been with them that time and no longer."

"Do you enjoy the life?"

"It seems to me like most other lives. In some ways it is fine, in some ways it is dreadful." She seemed reluctant to say more, but Liornung gently encouraged her. "I do not wish to speak ill of anyone," she said, "for my mother taught me against it, yet... there are some people who do not care for us. They won't feed us when we're hungry and scorn us.... Sometimes we steal." Her lip trembled at this confession.

"I won't say it's good to steal," Liornung said briskly, patting her shoulder, "but you must admit those people deserved it. Hunger is an awful thing."

She did not seem to know what to say to this, so instead she turned her head and her eyes widened. "Oh, sir, I really must go fetch that water. See, they're beginning to go off this very moment!"

"Don't fear," he said, taking the pail from her. "I'll fetch your water for you, and we'll walk with you for awhile. We have a friend to catch up with. I'd like to meet the rest of your company. But again I forget my manners. Ędegard will introduce us all, and I will be back soon."

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