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Tolkien Near the Limlight: Ędegard

Ędegard trailed Liornung and Bellyn. He had gotten used to them, except for one thing, he now understood. He would never get used to the ease of Liornung going up to aliens and strangers as if they were neighbors. He hung back and watched Liornung speak with the Rohirric girl. What was she doing with these wayfarers? What were these Rohirrim doing with Easterlings? It was disloyalty to King Eomer and all of Rohan!

Ędegard overheard Liornung say that he would introduce the three of them to the girl's folk. The sun would set in the east first. He would have nothing to do with them. He stayed where he was.

"Liornung! We must go! Amroth walks ahead of us and will fall ill if he takes no rest! We must find him! Leave these folk to themselves! They cannot be trusted!"
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