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Tolkien Near the Limlight: ∆degard

"If her father will not bring her home - she will be coming with us."

Liornung seemed ready to defend his words, which struck ∆degard as odd, for he had not seen the fiddler so determined about anything but to sing.

"If you would know my mind, friend Liornung, I think you did well to convince the girl that she and her father should not live with these folk. Some say, though, that the father ought to have the say over what the daughter does. I do not, or Thťoden's Bane would never have been slain by his daughter Eowyn."

∆degard raised a brow as Liornung took on a befuddled expression.

"What is the matter, friend?"

"I did not expect such a seasoned answer! You have given me a surprsie, ∆degard, which is just as well, for I have always welcomed them."

∆degard smiled. "I think that Amroth is not far ahead. I wonder, though, that he does not seem to understand, if Amroth he be, that he wears the flesh of a Gondorian blacksmith. Think you that we ought to change his mind so that he knows his limits?"
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